Chie .app

Minimalist Approach to Using ChatGPT

I use ChatGPT as a swiss army knife: it is a search engine, a grammer checker, a dictionary, a translator, a pair programmer… So the efficiency of invoking and interacting with ChatGPT directly affects my productivity.

Therefore I wrote the Chie app, designed for minimalists and hackers like myself.

Minimal interface

In Chie the window can be reduced to a bare chat window, with only conversation history and an input box.

Minimal Chat Interface
Steps of setup:
  1. Create an API credential, but deselect the option to create assistant.
Create API Credential Window
  1. Create an assistant (by clicking the plus button in dashboard window, or via Menu: Assistants -> New Assistant), and choose “ChatService” for the “Service”.
Create Assistant Window
  1. After creating the assistant, you can popup the assistant in a new window.
Create Assistant Window

Access from tray icon

There is also a tray icon where you can invoke any assistant.

Menu of Tray Icon

The tray icon can be turned off in settings if you don’t like it, and on macOS there is also an option to turn off the dock icon too.

Settings Window

To make things even more accessible, you can configure each assistant to show its own tray icon.

Tray Icons for Assistants

Keyboard shortcuts

The assistant windows can also have their own global keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcut for Assistants

And inside the window there are also a rich set of keyboard shortcuts for common operations.

Menu Bar